About me

Hola! I’m Gabriela Morales-Martinez (aka GMM)

I love numbers, I love stories, and I love teaching & learning

I am slightly obsessed with understanding user behaviour: Why? How? When?

I’m passionate about design: online tools, teaching material, workshops & seminars

I speak four languages: English, Spanish, French & Italian


Quantitative Research

I master: Statistical (A/B testing, MVT, MLM) Social Network and Sequence Analyses.
Software I use: R, SPSS, SQL, Gephi, Excel (Solver, Pivot tables, Vlookups).

Qualitative Research

I have experience: designing and conducting Surveys & Focus Groups, and analysing them using Thematic Analysis.
Software I use: Qualtrics, NVivo.

Project Management

Certified: CompTIA Project+ PM practitioner, Professional Scrum Master (PSM-1).
Software I use: JIRA, Trello, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office.

Digital Learning Design

I have experience: training people in Industry and Academia. I have been designing and delivering online, offline & blended courses.
Software I use: Blackboard, PebblePad, Padlet, Powtoon, PeerWise, Google suite.

Digital Tool Design (UX/UI)

I have experience: with tool design. Specifically, I designed three variations of an internationally-used online learning environment, PeerWise.
Tools / Software I use: Personas, Wireframes & Prototypes in Adobe XD.

Business Analysis

I have experience: working with two multinational companies and acting as an internal consultant.
Tools & Analyses I use: SWOT, Process Flowcharts, As is/To be, Kanban, Case studies.


These are some real-life case studies from some of my favourite projects:

designing versions of an online tool

This is a real-life case study using an internationally known online learning environment (PeerWise). I conceptualised and designed different versions of this online environment and later tested how these affected user’s choices, ratings & behaviour.

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Understanding user experience

This is a real-life case study of getting a grasp of the experience of users of an online learning environment. I used mixed- and multiple-methods to understand their experience through quantitative and qualitative research and a range of software and analyses. 


Designing an online course

This is a real-life case study of an online course I designed for a top-world University. This was the first time they were having this new module online. I used a combination of PowerPoint slides, Powtoon videos and asked students to take part in a collaborative project using PebblePad.

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